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Artist: EdH Müller

On Pearceautotech.com I want to profile artists that have created artwork with the cars that I have repaired for all these years. You really owe it to yourself to check out his website and other works www.edhmuller.com

Eduardo "EdH" Müller was born in Germany in 1978, and started his carrer as a professional comic book artist in 1997. As a manga-influenced artist, EdH already lended his talents to some of the main brazilian comic books, so much as other areas, like CD covers, Advertising, Street Wear design and much more. In 2001, EdH has been present for the first time in the San Diego Comicon, and with that started to spread his carrer overseas. Some of his first jobs was working as a character designer/artist for Cheapass Games, and some pinup jobs for Antarctic Press. As for today, EdH lives alone in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and can be found all day in front of the drawing table or teaching illustration classes at his studio or in the university.

edh muller


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